Sunday, July 13, 2014


The Holy Spirit amazes me.  

About a week ago, I rearranged my house.  Many times I have done this and many, many times the result has been unsatisfactory, which means it either didn't look right or it wasn't actually functional for my life.  I have neither a fancy house nor fancy belongings, and as much as I've wished that I were more talented an interior decorator, I question how "fancy" my skills are as well.  I can definitely tell the difference between a Holy Spirit-led project and a Jade-led project. 

I see in my home a reflection of the changes Jesus is writing within me, rearranging my feelings about him and my understanding of who I am in him as well as giving me a fresh vision of his heart's desire towards me.  As in my home, I recognize that there is a distinct difference between his ways and my own.

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