Thursday, May 15, 2014


-an update regarding a previous social media post of mine which read thusly:

"A while back, I acquired a homemade, wooden, aqua-colored chest which rolls around on four tiny black casters.
Since I'd been wanting a coffee table upon which to rest my beverages/snacks whilst lounging upon the sofa in the evenings, I decided this new score would serve the purpose. Immediately, I covered its surface with stacked, mirrored trays, crystal, rhinestone hair ornaments, and a pink lotus votive holder...
TECHNICALLY, there is still enough room for an object originally intended for its now crowded surface."

Since the above, I've enjoyed the undertaking of simplifying my little home; uncluttering, allowing my space to evolve into something more restful.  Along with the aforementioned coffee table, one of the highlights of this small adventure has been the realization of something which I've desired for what seems like a very long time:  the clearing of my attractively-arranged, but claustrophobic, physical desktop.  I'd only just mentioned to a friend (after having already cemented the idea in my brain) that I'd like to have upon my work surface only one plant and one lamp (and my laptop).  Her response (no doubt unbeknownst to her) was the same as the title of one of our favorite people's erstwhile column in Harper's Bazaar, "Why don't you?"

So, yesterday, after returning home from a blessed afternoon with a dear friend, I removed all the nice looking stuff that was in my way, washed my desktop with a sponge and am now sitting, writing this to you, from a very serene and simple and fresh vantage point.  So of course now, my question to you is:

"Why don't you __________?"

xoxo - jade

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Anonymous said...

------------stitch matching leaf tunics for your children?

m darling

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