Thursday, May 22, 2014

a gift...

I am blessed of the Lord.  He knows my heart-prayers even when I do not or cannot form them into words.  

On my walk to town this morning, I was fantasizing about something that I could really use to make my life easier.  I have wanted it for a good while and have not been able to afford it.  I thought, "If someone offered to buy me something that I could not afford for myself that I really needed, what would I request?"  
This afternoon, a woman offered me the answer to that question by asking if I might be in need of something she was getting rid of:  the exact thing I'd been wanting!  

Jesus heard me on my walk this morning, for He was walking the whole way with me, and He knows my heart.  I've asked the Lord for many things through the years, and like a good parent does, most of the time He has told me no (I have a history of asking for things that must be less than what He desires for me, even though they seem like great things to me!).

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for Your love and for Your blood and for Your graciousness towards me, all of which I so richly do not deserve.


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