Saturday, March 22, 2014

A long time ago...

A long time ago, 
the blood in my veins quit me and drained into the desert floor and some into the sky;
a clear dark sky and the desert night
nothing but I and the fire in my mind.

The sacred clowns in black and white
whispering smoke into my skull;
mad mad rhythms barking at my brain;
a poisoned brain with gels that quicken and deaden;
a tormented brain with torrents of blood that bubble and rip at the Soul-

I slip into the water and it burns the night off my skin and from my hair...
a thought to myself that, after awhile, all the days begin to look the same.

Now I ,by myself, sit in a room at a window with a crooked view
where flying things with wings of lace and dust and fire
take to the air in first flights of youth.

Marching, Violent colours cross my view-
My hope, carried on the feet of faith 
leaving me a kind of dulling grace, is my Salvation; 
the only thing I possess in this moment...

Abilene, Texas 2000 - before I knew the Lord and was quite alone and mired in extreme depression

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